Franken-Onleihe. Shadow Spell


Shadow Spell

Shadow Spell

Autor*in: Roberts, Nora

Jahr: 2014

Sprache: Englisch

Umfang: 352 S.


Falconer Connor O'Dwyer has his past intrude upon him when he finds himself falling for Meara Quinn, but things become complicated when she is fine with their relationship remaining just friendly.
Autor(en) Information:
Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels. She is also the author of the bestselling In Death series written under the pen name J. D. Robb. There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print.

Titel: Shadow Spell

Autor*in: Roberts, Nora

Verlag: Penguin USA

ISBN: 9780698140271

Kategorie: Belletristik & Unterhaltung, Romane & Erzählungen, Liebe & Beziehung

Format: ePub

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