Franken-Onleihe. The Room


The Room

The Room

Autor*in: Maier, Andreas

Jahr: 2014

Sprache: Englisch

Umfang: 117 S.



With brilliant irony, Andreas Maier describes his uncle J's fraught detachment from the real world and the life of small-town Germany in the years after World War II. 'The Room' is both a memoir and a novel, the first installment of an epic family saga, and a love-letter to an unknowable soul.
Autor(en) Information:
Andreas Maier was born in Bad Nauheim in 1967. In addition to winning the Ernst Willner Prize at the Ingeborg Bachmann Literary Competition in 2000, he received the Jürgen Ponto Foundation's Literary Support Prize and the Aspekte Literary Prize for his first novel 'Wäldchestag'.

Titel: The Room

Autor*in: Maier, Andreas

Übersetzer*in: Searle, Jamie Lee

Verlag: frisch & co Electronic Books

ISBN: 9780989126762

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